Fields of law

Sports Law

The Firm specializes in legal counseling in the area of sports law, publicity rights and copyrights of public figures. Our lawyers provide legal services for athletes who want to conclude professional contracts, advertising agreements, sponsorship contracts and agreements related to their publicity rights. In addition, the Firm provides legal counseling for public figures in the areas of their publicity rights and copyrights.

The Firm offers legal services in the field of sports law and publicity rights, in particular:

  • The Firm provides legal services in the field of preparation and legal evaluation of contracts for professional athletes, management contracts with athletes, trainers, managers and activists,
  • Our lawyers provide legal aid to athletes in the cases of termination of their contracts for reasons attributable to the club and assist them in collection of due remuneration, contractual and transfer fees,
  • The Firm provides legal services, preparatory and advisory services in the process of concluding sponsorship contracts, advertising and ambassador agreements,
  • Our lawyers support athletes and managers in transfer negotiations.
Our successful projects

Effective representation of athletes (football, cycling and athletics) in collection of receivables arising from their sports contacts.

Football players

Evaluation of transfer agreements for football players.


Negotiations and conclusion of sponsorship and advertising agreements with a value of more than PLN 1 million.


Negotiations and conclusion of ambassador agreements with a value of approx. PLN one million.