The Team

Joanna Legun has several years of professional experience. She specializes in litigations, Civil Law and Energy Law.

She advises our Clients in the area of litigation and collection of receivables from their contracting parties. Her professional interests are related in particular to disputes between business entities, including litigation before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Supreme Court.

She participates in activities of the Energy Law Team and provides legal advisory services for entities selling electricity and natural gas to end users.

Furthermore, she provides comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs. She advises businessmen and businesswomen at each stage of their company development. Numerous times she has built up legal frameworks for the projects of our Clients (i.a. from the energy sector or the field of real estate brokerage). In addition, she provides advisory services on the protection of personal data, intellectual property rights and moral rights. Joanna Legun also advises entrepreneurs who start up their business. She provides start-ups with information about the basic documents required to start a business. Many times she has prepared rules and agreements for innovative projects implemented by our Clients.

She provides training sessions for entrepreneurs, in which she explains the intricacies of Polish law.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She also completed sociological studies at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Warsaw as part of the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Humanities at the University of Warsaw.

In her time off she explores the history of the Polish cinema. At some point she was engaged in the independent filmmaking movement. She is also a big fan of non-fiction literature, and Polish contemporary prose.

Our successful projects
Individuals and entrepreneurs

Conducting number of court disputes to the clients.

Transport company

Make an effective cassation appeal against one of the largest leasing companies in Poland.

Electricity trading company

Conducting litigation in the field of energy market, trading in property rights, electricity sales contract, natural gas sales contract.

Electricity trading company

Preparation of all legal documents needed to sell electricity and gas to end customers.

Real estate brokerage company

Preparation of all legal documents needed to provide real estate brokerage services.

Real estate brokerage company

Conducting training on basic legal concepts for real estate agents.

Electricity and gas consumers

Participation in the workshops "Change of the energy seller in the light of legal changes in energy contracts" on 8-9 November 2016 and presentation  "The issue of proxies enabling the process of changing the energy seller".