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Commercial Companies Law

One of the main areas of specialization of Raczyński Skalski & Partners is the provision of legal services in the field of corporate law, including in particular the establishment and transformation of commercial companies, legal services for statutory bodies (management board, supervisory board, general meeting of shareholders) as well as corporate disputes. With many years of experience in corporate and commercial law, the Law Firm offers comprehensive legal advice appropriate to the Client’s business and tailored to the Client’s individual needs. The high quality of the services provided by the lawyers of Raczyński Skalski & Partners and the trust placed in us by our Clients is evidenced by the number of more than 100 established commercial companies in the projects completed by the Law Firm. 

Polish and foreign companies operating in various sectors of the economy are among our Clients. We work with both commercial law companies and financial institutions. We ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of companies in the field of corporate affairs.

Law Firm Services:

Legal services provided by Raczyński Skalski & Partners in the area of commercial companies law include, in particular:

  1. Establishment, transformation and dissolution of commercial companies

    The Law Firm provides legal services in the field of establishing a business, including the preparation of relevant documents necessary in the registration procedure of a company, as well as the drafting of company agreements. Our lawyers advise Clients not only on the selection of the most advantageous legal form of business activity, but also on the selection and creation of an individual model of company management (with the aim of adapting the scope of powers of the company’s bodies to the Client’s expectations). We also offer legal support in the field of merger, transformation and liquidation of commercial companies.

  2. Legal services for statutory bodies

    The Law Firm’s team provides ongoing services to companies in the field of corporate law, including legal support for meetings of statutory bodies (i.e., management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ meeting, general shareholders’ meeting), as well as making changes to their structure and reporting changes to the Register of Entrepreneurs in the National Court Register. In addition, we advise on the creation of Best practices for management boards and supervisory boards of capital companies and prepare drafts of all necessary documents (including resolutions, bylaws, shareholders’ agreements and cooperation agreements).

  3. Drafting and verification of contracts

    Lawyers of Raczyński Skalski & Partners prepare individual drafts of contracts with contractors, subcontractors, or employees (including sales contract, supply contract, service contract, agency contract, construction contract, work contract, commission contract, implementation contract, license contract) for our Clients. In addition, we review contracts already concluded and advise on amendments and modifications (e.g., remuneration, valorization, contract completion date), as well as analyze the possibility of terminating or withdrawing from contracts, while assessing the risk of contractual penalties (for improper performance or delay).

  4. Corporate disputes between shareholders and support for shareholders of public companies

    We offer legal support for any changes in the ownership structures of companies, including the preparation of agreements for the acquisition (sale) of shares or stocks, the development of financial collateral including sureties, guarantees and bills of exchange, drafting and negotiating agreements between shareholders. We also provide comprehensive advice on the fulfillment of obligations incumbent on purchasers of significant stakes in public companies (including to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority).

  5. Legal audit (due diligence)

    The Firm provides legal services in the area of analyzing a company’s internal legal acts (in particular, the company’s articles of association), determining its ownership structure and assessing its operating strategy. Taking into account the business needs of the Client, we advise on the creation of rules for the operation of the company that reduce possible risks and threats (e.g., acquisition of control of the company by another entity without agreement and against the will of its existing bodies). The legal research of our lawyers also includes the assessment of the administrative and legal environment conditioning the conduct of the company’s core business (in particular, the examination of the company’s possession of permits and licenses to conduct its core business).

Cooperation with Raczynski Skalski & Partners is an investment in safety and lawful conduct of business activities

Clients of Raczynski Skalski & Partners can count on professional and reliable legal advice. Lawyers of our firm are constantly improving their qualifications in order to provide services at the highest level. As the area of commercial company law is constantly changing, we are constantly following new regulations and case law to be able to provide our Clients with up-to-date and effective legal solutions.

Our successful projects
Commercial companies

Establishment of more than 100 commercial partnerships and companies (in 2011-2017).

Energy producer

Legal counseling in a dispute between the shareholders of a company operating in the so-called renewable energy market.

Public company

Legal counseling in a dispute between the shareholders of a public company operating in the “New Connect” market.

Commercial companies

Transformation of commercial entities (e.g. a civil law partnership into a limited partnership.)

Financial institutions

Legal support for statutory bodies of the largest firms in the financial sector.