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Disputes and Debt Collection

Today’s financial market is extremely expansive and complex. On the one hand, there is a wide range of products and services offered by banks, loan companies, payment institutions, brokerage firms, investment companies and other institutions. On the other hand, existing products on the market are subject to many regulations, the most far-reaching of which primarily concern the offerings made to consumers and other non-professionals.

The high degree of factual and legal complexity of financial products is increasingly becoming a cause of disputes between financial institutions and their customers. These disputes can involve a variety of issues, such as:

  • Improper calculation of interest, commissions and fees
  • Use of abusive clauses in contracts
  • Improper fulfillment of information obligations
  • Fraud, manipulation and other market abuses
  • Unauthorized payment transactions
  • Refusal to pay or provide a consideration

Raczyński Skalski & Partners has extensive experience in handling financial litigation cases. The distinguishing feature of our law firm is that we represent both financial institutions and their clients, which allows us to better manage existing disputes, actively working to bring them to a swift and effective resolution.

Our services

Legal services provided by Raczyński, Skalski & Partners in the area of disputes and debt collection are comprehensive and include, in particular:

  1. Pre-trial advisory

    We make a detailed analysis of the documentation provided by clients and assess the chances of success in the dispute. We advise on the choice of litigation strategy, taking into account the risks and costs of litigation. We prepare legal opinions on existing lines of court rulings and develop detailed action strategies including complaint proceedings, negotiation and mediation, litigation before common courts and arbitration tribunals, and recovery of claims.

  2. Negotiation and mediation

    We have extensive experience in using negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation, in resolving existing disputes between financial institutions and their clients. The methods we use are characterized by the speed of proceedings, a lower degree of formalization and lower costs than in the case of classic court proceedings.

  3. Litigation

    We offer comprehensive support in litigation at all stages. We prepare and file lawsuits with the courts, including, in particular, lawsuits for payment and demanding that contracts or parts of their provisions be declared invalid. We appeal unfavorable judgments to higher courts and prepare cassation complaints. We successfully represent our clients, among others, in proceedings involving sanctions on free credit or unauthorized payment transactions.

  4. Debt collection

    We assist in the recovery of debts from individuals and legal entities, both at the pre-court and enforcement stages. We prepare summonses for payment, obtain enforcement clauses under enforcement titles, and refer cases for bailiff enforcement. We carry out monitoring of the financial condition of debtors and advise on entering debtors in the relevant registers. We represent our clients in counter-enforcement cases and seek release of seized property from execution.

  5. Training and education

    We organize customized training sessions on the latest trends, regulations and practices in dispute resolution between financial institutions and their clients. We help the entities we serve acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully operate in a dynamic environment of innovative financial products and consumer rights.

Raczyński Skalski & Partners is a leader in dispute resolution and debt collection

Raczyński Skalski & Partners law firm is guided by an individual approach to the client and his needs. Our goal is to quickly and effectively resolve the dispute by concluding a settlement or obtaining a favorable court judgment and enforcing it, including with the use of available methods of bailiff enforcement. We approach each assignment with commitment and determination, striving to achieve a satisfactory result for the client.

Our successful projects
Transportation company

Placing claim and litigation procedures before the Supreme Court against one of the largest lease companies.

Insurance broker

Representation of interests of an insurance broker belonging to an international insurance group in a dispute regarding payment of a brokerage fee by one of the largest Polish insurance companies.

RES energy producer

Conducting litigations to obtain the connection requirements for connecting a wind farm to the grid.

Commercial companies

Support for our Clients in numerous corporate disputes.

Loan company

Carrying out mass debt collection based on promissory notes for one of the loan companies.