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Adam Madejski

Fields of specialization:

Adam Madejski Adam Madejski Senior Associate

Fields of specialization:

Attorney-at-law with extensive experience on advising entities in the energy sector and industry. His leading specialization is energy law and renewable energy sources. He has participated in the processes of obtaining licenses, registrations and fulfilling other obligations required by the energy law. Co-author of numerous legal analyses and memorandums on regulatory obligations.

He has advised distribution system operators (electricity, heat) and the largest entities in the mining industry (hard coal and coking coal). He comprehensively supports end users in concluding electricity sales contracts, including corporate PPA and carbon footprint issues. He specializes in the matter of acquiring rights to use real estate for the construction and operation of transmission facilities.

Adam has experience in conducting due diligence, including those involving energy assets. He has participated in the resolution of disputes regarding construction and operational defects of high-power generation sources (+50 MW), both before common courts and through mediation. In addition, he has experience in such areas as environmental law, construction law and public procurement law.

Privately, enthusiast of ultramarathon trail running.

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