Fields of law

EU funding and public aid

The Firm specializes in legal services in the fields of public aid and EU funding. Our lawyers offer legal support, which includes advisory services on EU funds regulations and provisions governing the provision of public aid. The Firm provides legal services for the beneficiaries of public aid and represents them in disputes with entities granting the aid, in particular with regard to the imposition of a financial correction or repayment of the received funds.

The Firm offers legal services regarding Community funds and public aid, and in particular:

  • The Firm provides a full scope of legal advisory services in the field of granting of and benefiting from public aid and EU funds,
  • Our lawyers perform legal audits of compliance of the granted aid with public aid regulations and prepare legal analyses whether or not the instance of public aid occurred,
  • The Firm offers legal services related to the sale of entities or projects which have received EU funding, in particular the due diligence of projects which have received EU funding or public aid,
  • Our experts provide legal support for projects benefiting from EU funds, they prepare the beneficiary for an audit by the entity which has granted the public aid, maintain relations with the auditing institutions, implement the post-audit recommendations, appeal procedures on the post audit recommendations and revoke the financial corrections ordered,
  • Our lawyers prepare complaints regarding unlawful public aid provided in favor of the competing enterprises,
  • Our lawyers provide legal services in the case of refusal to grant the financing, termination of the financing agreement, they also represent our Clients in the administrative proceedings conducted by the aid-granting entity.
Our successful projects
Beneficiary of EU funding

Representation of beneficiaries of EU funds and public aid in administrative proceedings for repayment of the received public aid.

Beneficiary of EU funding

Representation of a public aid beneficiary in administrative proceedings regarding the imposition of a financial correction.

Beneficiary of EU funding

Due diligence of compliance of the use of the public aid granted for wind farm projects with the public aid and EU funds regulations.

RES energy producer

Preparation of calculations, in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act, regarding the maximum permissible value of public assistance which may be awarded at a RES auction to a producer of electricity from a renewable energy source for a given plant using a renewable source of energy.

Beneficiary of EU funding

Legal audit of energy efficiency, related to the possibility of exceeding the permissible value of public aid for the energy efficiency project, in accordance with Article 20, Clause 2, Point 1 b of the Energy Efficiency Act.