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Artificial intelligence

In view of the dynamic development of the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and technological innovation, the legal qualification of the tools and related services used may raise questions and generate both business and legal risks. In order to define and unify the rules of AI, the proposed EU regulation on artificial intelligence (the so-called AI Act) is expected to impose obligations on AI providers and regulate access of AI systems to the EU single market in the near future.

Raczyński Skalski & Partners offers its Clients comprehensive services to ensure legal security of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), cloud computing. We are aware that in seeking to optimise processes and build competitive advantage while increasing revenues, digital transformation is a priority for most businesses in operation. Adequate legal safeguards are a guarantee of comfort and freedom to operate in the market using the aforementioned tools.

Law Firm Services:

The legal services provided by Raczyński Skalski & Partners are comprehensive and include in particular:

  1. AI Act regulatory advice

    We track and analyse draft EU AI regulations to ensure our Clients are compliant with the latest legislation and guidelines to be enacted at the European level.

  2. AI systems audit

    As part of our legal services, our Law Firm carries out analyses of the compliance of artificial intelligence solutions adopted by our Clients with the rules that will result from the proposed AI regulations. As part of our legal services, we carry out risk analyses and prepare legal opinions on the compliance of AI tools used with current regulations.

  3. Legal support for artificial intelligence implementation projects

    The Law Firm’s team advises on the acquisition of data for the construction and development of AI solutions, as well as verifies the admissibility of the use of specific AI/ML/IoT systems for data analysis (in particular in light of data protection, consumer protection or financial institution regulations).

  4. Legal services for entities using AI tools

    We prepare regulations for services based on AI systems, internal policies for the use of AI systems – taking into account the obligations of employers under the AI Act (e.g. fulfilment of the information obligation towards employees on being subject to an AI system, implementation of human supervision towards AI tools by persons with appropriate competence, training and authority, introduction of rules for the use of systems and monitoring) and develop good practices for the management of AI algorithms and systems.

  5. Audit of cloud-based solutions

    The Law Firm’s lawyers verify the compliance of cloud services with legal regulations, in particular with regard to ensuring the security of data processed in the cloud (compliance with GDPR regulations). In addition, the use of cloud computing requires compliance with the principles of processing data covered by professional secrecy and outsourcing (in relation to financial institutions), as well as consideration of the issue of protection of business secrets. The Law Firm performs a comprehensive analysis of the solutions used by financial institutions, from verification of the correct implementation of the cloud, through the preparation of a plan for information processing and its scope, development of an exit and business continuity plan, to the implementation of the cloud computing monitoring process by the Client.