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Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)

In today’s dynamic economic environment, complex anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML and CFT) regulations and guidelines pose many challenges for selected types of businesses – so-called obliged institutions – to have and implement appropriate documentation and internal procedures.

Raczyński Skalski & Partners, as a law firm specialising in financial law, provides comprehensive services in the area of compliance with the applicable AML and CFT regulations, assisting our clients in the effective identification of counterparties, risk management and compliance with all other regulatory standards.

Raczynski Skalski & Partners law firm is guided not only by the fact that the solutions we develop should remain in the highest compliance with the law, but should also be tailored to the area and scale of our clients’ activities, in particular not entail undue difficulties and costs that would negatively affect their business operations.

Our long-standing experience in AML and CFT consulting includes dozens of completed projects carried out for various types of obligated institutions, including:

  • national banks,
  • payment institutions (PIs),
  • small payment institutions (SPIs),
  • insurance companies,
  • insurance brokers,
  • real estate brokers,
  • virtual assets service providers,
  • stationary currency exchange offices,
  • lending institutions,
  • pawnshops.

Our Services

The legal services provided by Raczynski Skalski & Partners in the area of AML and CFT are comprehensive and include in particular:

  1. Auditing and implementation of internal AML and CFT documentation:

    Our law firm performs detailed AML and CFT audits, identifying areas of risk, developing and adapting our clients’ internal procedures to current regulatory standards and guidelines. Among others, we implement personalised general procedures, reporting and fraud reporting procedures, general and individual risk assessment sheets and onboarding tools for individual and institutional clients.

  2. Ensuring compliance with GIIF, KNF and EBA Guidelines:

    We continuously monitor any changes in the law and align our clients’ activities with the latest guidelines from the Polish General Inspector of Financial Information (GIIF), the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) or the European Banking Authority (EBA), ensuring that the entities we serve maintain full compliance with applicable regulations, guidelines and industry practices.

  3. AML and CFT Process Outsourcing:

    We offer our clients comprehensive implementation services for the outsourcing of AML and CFT processes. We advise on which processes can be outsourced and prepare the necessary processing agreements that remain in compliance not only with AML and CFT regulations, but also with all other standards, including the protection of individuals’ personal data.

  4. Support in the completion of all reporting information:

    Submission of reporting information is an essential part of an effective AML/CFT strategy, the implementation of which, however, can involve many burdens and factual issues. Our law firm offers full support in completing all reports and forms required by the supervisory authorities, including the KNF or the GIIF.

  5. Representation before supervisory authorities and administrative courts:

    Our experienced lawyers represent clients before supervisory authorities, such as the KNF or the GIIF, and administrative courts, ensuring that our clients’ interests are effectively defended, including when financial sanctions have been imposed on the obliged entity or its managers, or there is a risk of such sanctions being imposed.

  6. Training for AML Officers, designated board members and other employees:

    We offer high quality training for AML Officers, members oft he management board responsible for AML and CFT processes and other customer service and verification staff, tailored to the unique needs of each company concerned. Our training programmes cover current legal issues, practical cases and the latest trends in AML and CFT.

  7. Ensuring compliance with EU sanctions and the Polish Sanctions Act:

    Our dedicated approach to AML and CFT also covers aspects related to sanctions, in particular those introduced as a result of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. Our lawyers track and interpret the changing provisions of the European Union and the Polish Sanctions Act, providing clients with the comprehensive knowledge and resources necessary to comply with the applicable law.

  8. Verification of supply chains:

    Understanding the importance of effective sanctions risk management, our law firm offers supply chain verification services for sanctions compliance. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of business partners, suppliers and counterparties to ensure that all participants in the supply chain are compliant with applicable sanctions laws.

Cooperation with Raczynski Skalski & Partners is an investment in security and innovation.

Raczynski Skalski & Partners provides its clients not only with comprehensive legal advice, but also with partnership in building safe, compliant and effective business structures. In addition to providing traditional legal services, we are committed to constantly keeping abreast of changes in regulations and technologies in order to provide the entities we serve with the latest and most effective solutions in the areas of AML and CFT.